Entry #13

"Maybe" - Out Now!

2015-02-28 13:14:34 by DreamForecast

Here's the next song, as promised. ; D



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2015-03-14 05:10:51

It's another perfect song, thanks! Only hang-up I might have: aside from the bridge lyrics, it sounds like there's not much volume in the mid range of your voice, dunno if it's levels, compression, or just the emphasis in your singing style.

DreamForecast responds:

Thank you so much, and thanks for the critique! I'll take note of that sometime. It might have been EQ, or the way the (intentional, haha) autotune colored my voice. Either way thanks, I'll check it out! : D


2015-03-18 11:17:50



2015-11-09 10:32:38

I've got all your tunes on my phone and laptop (nice mp3 icons!), and yeah, a few of them get stuck (pleasantly) in my head! Again, thanks so much for posting your music here :3

DreamForecast responds:

no, thank you so much for listening! i'm really glad you enjoy them. and i haven't been on newgrounds lately, and with my new music (i'm scrapping this project for a new professional one), i don't know if i can post the songs here because of the way the licensing on newgrounds works. : \

i'll be making a public announcement some time about this with links to the new stuff, in case you're interested. thank you so much again for listening to my music, i'm really grateful!


2015-11-11 23:42:10

Oh, okay! Have you seen the new options for licensing? It's been revamped since you last uploaded here I think, lots more options and explanations...


2016-03-21 19:34:53

Have you been drawing lately? Guess I miss your art and music in equal measure, hope all's well!