What's Coming: 2015

2015-01-15 14:11:07 by DreamForecast

UPDATE: New song here! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/602170?updated=1


I just noticed, my release rate for full songs (with vocals and everything) is like... two songs a year.  That's disgusting and unacceptable.  So this year I'll make it a goal to release a lot more songs!  I'm going to be uploading some new stuff real soon, after I finish writing this post.  Just wanted to let you guys know that I am still alive.

This year I am also thinking of dabbling in licensing some of my tracks for games, to hopefully make some money, but I'll start free first.  I'll be over at IndieGameMusic (dot) com once I get my crap all together.

And oh! I may or may not reply very well to messages on NG... but I'll definitely see it if you catch me on SoundCloud or Twitter.  I'm a lot more active on those sites.

Okay, thanks for putting up with me, haha.  I'll go upload the songs now.


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2015-01-15 15:50:43

Remember to include your NG links alongside your other accounts. I finally got an old friend of mine interested in this site :) I guess a lot of people find it hard to dig here (for content), even though there's so much! Someday, someone's gonna use one of your songs in a game or animation, and you'll be up a by few hundred fans! Hey, if you live near Philly, PA, there's a big NG office party in April I think you'd like, I'd be happy to get you an invite.

I left another weird review, oh well..

DreamForecast responds:

Just did, added it to my SoundCloud!
And yeah, the community is great here, but it is hard to get into it first.

And wow, thanks! Too bad I don't live near there... at all. haha. But thank you. : )


2015-01-22 10:33:39

I knew my elf eyes weren't lying to me.