The Autumn Air (ft. Dream Forecast)

2014-02-08 21:05:14 by DreamForecast

Hey folks,

I've recently been given a chance to have my vocals featured in this lovely track by ambient electronica artist Tangible Delusion, called "The Autumn Air."


Also, I'm *almost* done with a new original song... It's called "The End of Time."  Can't wait to share it with you guys!


That's all for now.  Peace! : )


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2014-02-16 23:33:30

Dat voice
such chills

Now being realistic, it was pretty short but amazing, i hoped to be longer, but it was magic and pretty. I hope you have nice year (sorry for didn't say that before x_x xD). See ya! :3

DreamForecast responds:

Wow, thanks, man! Best wishes to you too! ; D


2014-02-18 11:43:32

Unbelievable! What a voice, and what a track! It's actually hypnotic, the perfect thing to drift off to.

I'm rather glad that I discovered your music and vocal talents: singers on here are few and far between, I'd say. To find multi-talent users like yourself...they're the kind of jewels that encourage me to return to this site on a regular basis.

If you don't mind my long have you been making music / singing for? Keep it up, Dream!


DreamForecast responds:

Hello and why thank you, I'm super glad you enjoyed it!
If you liked the production on this one, you should check out my collaborator Tangible Delusion's music!

And no, I don't mind at all! I've been making music since the summer of good ol' 2012... As for singing, I think I started 2013... I mean, I've been singing random things here and there, but I started "seriously" singing and recording in 2013 so I could have vocals for my songs. : P

Thanks again, Potent! :'D