Yo, I need YOUR help on something!

2013-12-16 13:58:18 by DreamForecast

Hey there, lovely folks!  I would REALLY appreciate your input on a certain matter ... My name here, "Dream Forecast."  This is insanely important to me.  If you're seeing this, please click to read a bit more and comment with your ideas.

ANYWAY, a little background.  "Dream Forecast," as you know, is my dA username ... And my username elsewhere on the net ... But more important, it's my stage name.  Yeah, I do art, I do videos, all that stuff, but my focus is on music.  And I do plan on going pro (gosh, that sounds crazy, I know) -- or as pro as I can get.  And in music (and a lot of other arts, I'm sure too), the name is insanely important.  Especially in discovery -- How people find you, and how they remember you at first.

I want to know --

1.  What images/feelings does "Dream Forecast" evoke in your mind?

2.  The first time you've seen the name "Dream Forecast," did you have any trouble recalling it?  If so, what parts of it? Why do you think that is so?

3. This is pretty hard and subjective, but do you think "Dream Forecast" matches my music?  (If you've heard my music, that is.)   These are some examples to base that off of.   soundcloud.com/dream-forecast/… soundcloud.com/dream-forecast/… soundcloud.com/dream-forecast/…

4.  What about my artwork?  Use these three pieces as an example.  How well do you think "Dream Forecast" represents my work in general?




*The reason for these specific examples is because I feel like a lot of my other works aren't what I "aim" for.  I just made them because ... I don't know.  Don't judge it based on those, haha.* 

5.  Any other input?   :)

Okay, thank you SO much!  It would really help me out if you answered these questions (or even just some of them), because a name could really make or break an artist in the long run.  I'd just like to see where the name is standing so I can know to change it before it's too inconvenient, etc.  Thank you once again!  I know this takes a bit of time but it will help me out SO much, and I'd appreciate it so very much.  Love ya'll.  *GLOMP*


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2013-12-16 15:05:27

1. Well i guess the forecast.

2. Not really.

3. Yeah kinda does.

4. Your username is awesome and your art pics are amazing so it really matches.

DreamForecast responds:

Thank you so much for your feedback!
*Here's a virtual cookie for you. :D*


2013-12-16 16:15:07

A quiz for knowing your progress?... COOL! I'll answer this right now! :P

1. DreamForecast... wow. When i think about that name, is all about emotions and dreams, express what you want. Images... pretty colorful, imposible landscapes, clouds, stuff like that :P

2.No problem spell it. :P

3. Your music... oh my... i tell you something; is one of the best that i heard in this portal. Is totally coherent with your name and the message that you usually send. Tracks like "Sine Heaven" and "Takeoff" are just wonderful. "Solving for X" was the first song that i ever hear, and two days later i was doing a fan art about that! Just pretty, cute and amazing.

4. I think that your song and artworks are the same. Both seems very cool, send the same message and are pretty and cute, but in your artworks i can see less originality, i mean, is cool and you have a great use of photoshop, but i think is not more extraordinary than your music, that is your real strong part.

5. Nothing, just giving you my true opinion about all your works through the year, and is amazing that you do that, because is usefull to lead the other year about the spend of your imagination.

Well... thats it, and have a nice day! You rock, as always.

DreamForecast responds:

Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear it's easy to remember. That's the thing I fear the most ... I think, for a musical artist, a name makes a huge first impression, and can decide whether you get discovered or not. Afterwards, it matters less, but that first moment is key. I'm really glad to hear that it stuck with you and it's not unspellable. :P

Yeah, good point about my artwork. I really don't think it's my strong point either. (Though it's still really fun to make! :D)

And thank you so much -- Thank you for all the feedback you've given me. It's really helpful and I always appreciate your honesty and thoughtfulness. That is priceless. :)


2013-12-17 13:36:05

1. Some boring trance or slow electronis music in general producer, that or some indie progressive rock band.

2. Well, i never thought about it, i just saw the cute girl in your pic and that's what i recall, nothing interesting enough about the name.

3. I dont know, i mostly watch your art, so no connection between your name and your music to me.

4. Nice enough i guess, but most artist just use their normal name, when someone says a name like yours in the context of art i would think they speak about music.

5. Perhaps the name is too long, you could keep it at one word, guess you could try that.

DreamForecast responds:

1. Haha, not too far from the truth. :P
2. Hmm, okay.
3. Oh, I have yet to think about that. That's a good point!
4. Yeah. But art is a side thing, I'm using the name as a stage name for music, so yup, talkin' about music.
5. I'll have to consider that.

Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it. :D


2013-12-21 09:59:14

1) Dream makes me think of dreamy/ethereal worlds, and Forecast makes me think of weather - so, together, I imagine something like floating in outer space, surrounded by stars and (somehow) falling snow. Haha. Forecast also makes me think of the sea, where there are no mountains and trees, so the "landscape" is mostly just defined by weather patterns.

2) I don't understand. "Dream Forecast" is a unique name that stands out in a mellow sort of way.

3) Your artwork is very dreamy, and I think Dream Forecast fits it perfectly.

4) (Can't tell which musics you were pointing out - the soundcloud links aren't working.) Your music is more fun, mellow, "simple" stuff. For some types of music, like those polished orchestral composers, things like "John Doe Symphonic Works" are good, but for your sort of music I think it needs to be something more abstract and fun, but not stupid sounding. I think Dream Forecast works very well.

5) Um... other input... I've been thinking about changing my name. I've been using "Krichotomy" which is a combination of my name ("Kris") and "Dichotomy", meant to represent "Orderly Chaos" or the dark and light sides of my personality, or the blending of nature and technology, or who knows what. Haha. It is very unique - it seems nobody else uses the name anywhere in the universe - but it is a bit strange. Most of my music is sad/emotional, and Krichotomy doesn't seem to fit that at all. So my other input is - what do /you/ think about /my/ name? Grin.

DreamForecast responds:

Thank you very much for your feedback. And sure, I'll gladly do yours! :)

Hmm. I DO think Krichotomy is one heck of a unique name. I have not seen it anywhere either. I do like how you merged the two words... Dichotomy is a fascinating thing. The only problem is ... There are other -otomy words out there, which may lead to "dichotomy" not surfacing until we later find out more about your work. One might think you were talking about, say ... bronchotomy ... or, trichotomy, etc.

The Greek suffix "-otomy" though ... does mean something along the lines of "cutting," "sharp," or "separation." So ... Maybe that would be what we associate your name with. I'm not sure if that's your desired effect ... Though it's not a bad thing at all, if you come think about the meaning. I see it as, "breaking through," "innovation."

That's my two cents! ^^ Other than that ... It's catchy. "Krichotomy." A bit hard to remember on a first glance if I don't think about it, but if I see it again, I'll recognize it.