Life Alert Tribute Song Thingymabobber!

2013-10-20 21:20:02 by DreamForecast

I've been working on this one for a while, but here's a music video using footage from that one old really classic Life Alert (it was Life Call then) commercial. I also used the speech samples to turn it into a song ... I couldn't decide what direction I wanted to go in so I threw everything in there. Electronic, orchestral, experimental, lol ... IDK. And I was testing effects and stuff with the video so it turned out really weird.

BUT, I'm pretty happy I actually finished a semi-big project for once. :D



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2013-10-21 18:01:56

As oddly funny as it is, why?

DreamForecast responds:

I have no idea. I originally wanted to just make something to experiment with the vocoder, and make it a joke at the same time. I found the idea of these actors singing in a vocoded voice amusing at first, but after working on it for a while, I got a bit too invested and ... It's not really meant to be a joke anymore. I dunno. I personally find their commercials amusing and Life Alert was just a random pick, but I got carried away with the musical arrangement and if you take away the words, it tells a different story ... I guess? I DON'T KNOW, lol. That's a really great question and I don't even have an okay answer to give you. xD

How about ... just .. Because. ;D


2013-11-03 12:50:26

If I ignore the fact that the voices sound strange and are saying weird things, and close my eyes, the music is quite beautiful, soothing, and flawless. It makes me feel... hopeful.

If I don't ignore those things, then it's funny and strange, but I am even more impressed.


DreamForecast responds:

Wow, thank you so much! I'm so glad I er, managed to elicit such a great response! And I'm glad you got under its skin and look at the other layer of it and not just how weird and strange it is, haha. Thanks again! It makes me quite happy that you've enjoyed it so much. :'D

(Re: OK!! I WILL!!)