22 - A Semi-Animated Thingy

2013-08-24 17:25:22 by DreamForecast

Hey guys,

I've recently hit 22 subscribers on YouTube. I know, people usually celebrate when it hits 50 or 100 or some number like that, but I like 22 for a multitude of reasons ...

So I made this little sorta-animated video that I can't upload to NG due to copyright reasons but here's the YouTube!


If you like stuff like this, you can subscribe to my channel (www.youtube.com/user/dreamforecastmusic) to be notified whenever I upload a new video. I don't have much yet but I'm planning on making a lot more. :)

Thanks! xD


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2013-08-24 17:56:52

Kool man.

DreamForecast responds:

Thanks bro


2013-09-02 19:16:59

Holy shit, did you sing that?!... i guess not :P
Anyway, step by step, we have made our path to happiness (way more important than shit like... money, fame or success) very slow but enjoyable. 22 Suscribers today, more and more in the future. Congrats!, as one of your followers, i fell very good for that, and as inet mates, something that we always can be proud is to produce good material to this portal...

DreamForecast responds:

I totally sang that -- Just kidding. :P
Thank you! Yeah, I think every bit is worth celebrating. ^^
Thanks again!