Entry #1


2013-04-21 21:12:40 by DreamForecast

Hi there!
I'm DreamForecast and I'm here mostly to check out stuff and upload stuff from my main music project, "Dream Forecast." (hence the username xD)

I'm a n00b at this site, so please forgive me because I have no idea what I'm doing half the time. Hopefully that will change.

Well, nice to meet ya'll. Ummm, I'll leave it at that. :D


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2013-04-21 21:38:58

Hello there.
Welcome to NG, tis a great place to be :D

Cool a new musician, always nice to get more of us xD
Will check out some of your tunes now then

DreamForecast responds:

Thank you so much! :D


2013-04-21 21:47:02

Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa XD
Welcome aboard on NG! Wasn't expecting to see your face pop up here but familiar company is always welcome! x

DreamForecast responds:

Thanks! Haha, I wasn't expecting to join either but reconsidered once I got the links to your songs! ^^


2013-04-22 21:05:48

Welcome to NG and i wish you good luck! But still im starting to think that whit your images and your tunes you could do a great music video! Its a calm adventure that took the path of the sky! Maybe there will be nigthmares in this dream or maybe not. Only time will tell us the weather ahead...

DreamForecast responds:

Hi there,
Thanks! I'm having a great time so far. And ... Wow, you just read my mind, haha. That's exactly what I want to do someday. :D

Thanks again for the warm welcome! ^^


2013-04-23 21:41:20

Yay! Welcome to Newgrounds!

DreamForecast responds:

Thanks, buddy! :D


2013-04-24 17:16:14

Welcome to Newgrounds lady!, this is a great place to see good stuff and have friends. I'll check your works before and i love your style. Only that i have to say to you is good luck, and now you have my backup :)

DreamForecast responds:

Thanks, bro! :D


2013-04-25 16:23:22

Welcome to NG! Nice to meet you too. If you're looking for answers to what your doing half the time, the WIKI is a good introduction. :P

DreamForecast responds:

Thanks, I will definitely go through that and check it out!
And thanks for the warm welcome. :D