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Hey guys!
It's been a bit so I just figured I'd let you know that I've got a new song in the works -- it's a Jpop-ish 90s-ish track I've been collaborating with another artist. I'm hoping to release it sometime this week.

In the meantime, ya'll should check this out!

It's a song by a fellow Newgrounder who's kind of new to the site. I'm trying to get him to post here more. He's got a lot of cool audio stuff under his sleeves ... He's just being sneaky and currently hiding it from you guys ... So do me a favor and bug him for me, haha. ; D

Alright, have a super cool day. I'm out!

I've been inactive awhile due to technical difficulties and whatnot, but I've finally managed to complete a song! :D
Gonna try to finish some more this summer.



2013-04-21 21:12:40 by DreamForecast

Hi there!
I'm DreamForecast and I'm here mostly to check out stuff and upload stuff from my main music project, "Dream Forecast." (hence the username xD)

I'm a n00b at this site, so please forgive me because I have no idea what I'm doing half the time. Hopefully that will change.

Well, nice to meet ya'll. Ummm, I'll leave it at that. :D