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"Maybe" - Out Now!

2015-02-28 13:14:34 by DreamForecast

Here's the next song, as promised. ; D


"Maybe" - coming soon

2015-02-19 21:01:39 by DreamForecast

I'm so glad you guys have been enjoying "Locksmith," and I'm happy to announce that another new song is on the way.  It's called "Maybe"! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/606160


What's Coming: 2015

2015-01-15 14:11:07 by DreamForecast

UPDATE: New song here! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/602170?updated=1


I just noticed, my release rate for full songs (with vocals and everything) is like... two songs a year.  That's disgusting and unacceptable.  So this year I'll make it a goal to release a lot more songs!  I'm going to be uploading some new stuff real soon, after I finish writing this post.  Just wanted to let you guys know that I am still alive.

This year I am also thinking of dabbling in licensing some of my tracks for games, to hopefully make some money, but I'll start free first.  I'll be over at IndieGameMusic (dot) com once I get my crap all together.

And oh! I may or may not reply very well to messages on NG... but I'll definitely see it if you catch me on SoundCloud or Twitter.  I'm a lot more active on those sites.

Okay, thanks for putting up with me, haha.  I'll go upload the songs now.

New Music: "The End of Time"

2014-04-15 16:17:58 by DreamForecast

The new song called "The End of Time," as promised, is finally here!


Hope you guys like it!  : )

album artwork for "The End of Time"


Hey folks,

I've recently been given a chance to have my vocals featured in this lovely track by ambient electronica artist Tangible Delusion, called "The Autumn Air."



Also, I'm *almost* done with a new original song... It's called "The End of Time."  Can't wait to share it with you guys!


That's all for now.  Peace! : )

Yo, I need YOUR help on something!

2013-12-16 13:58:18 by DreamForecast

Hey there, lovely folks!  I would REALLY appreciate your input on a certain matter ... My name here, "Dream Forecast."  This is insanely important to me.  If you're seeing this, please click to read a bit more and comment with your ideas.

ANYWAY, a little background.  "Dream Forecast," as you know, is my dA username ... And my username elsewhere on the net ... But more important, it's my stage name.  Yeah, I do art, I do videos, all that stuff, but my focus is on music.  And I do plan on going pro (gosh, that sounds crazy, I know) -- or as pro as I can get.  And in music (and a lot of other arts, I'm sure too), the name is insanely important.  Especially in discovery -- How people find you, and how they remember you at first.

I want to know --

1.  What images/feelings does "Dream Forecast" evoke in your mind?

2.  The first time you've seen the name "Dream Forecast," did you have any trouble recalling it?  If so, what parts of it? Why do you think that is so?

3. This is pretty hard and subjective, but do you think "Dream Forecast" matches my music?  (If you've heard my music, that is.)   These are some examples to base that off of.   soundcloud.com/dream-forecast/… soundcloud.com/dream-forecast/… soundcloud.com/dream-forecast/…

4.  What about my artwork?  Use these three pieces as an example.  How well do you think "Dream Forecast" represents my work in general?




*The reason for these specific examples is because I feel like a lot of my other works aren't what I "aim" for.  I just made them because ... I don't know.  Don't judge it based on those, haha.* 

5.  Any other input?   :)

Okay, thank you SO much!  It would really help me out if you answered these questions (or even just some of them), because a name could really make or break an artist in the long run.  I'd just like to see where the name is standing so I can know to change it before it's too inconvenient, etc.  Thank you once again!  I know this takes a bit of time but it will help me out SO much, and I'd appreciate it so very much.  Love ya'll.  *GLOMP*

Life Alert Tribute Song Thingymabobber!

2013-10-20 21:20:02 by DreamForecast

I've been working on this one for a while, but here's a music video using footage from that one old really classic Life Alert (it was Life Call then) commercial. I also used the speech samples to turn it into a song ... I couldn't decide what direction I wanted to go in so I threw everything in there. Electronic, orchestral, experimental, lol ... IDK. And I was testing effects and stuff with the video so it turned out really weird.

BUT, I'm pretty happy I actually finished a semi-big project for once. :D


I've been super busy over the past couple of weeks, since school has started and all.

But I have been working on a few new things, and here's one of them! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/552243

I'm excited to reveal more, but . . . That's enough for now. ;D

Long time no see, but here's a new track!

22 - A Semi-Animated Thingy

2013-08-24 17:25:22 by DreamForecast

Hey guys,

I've recently hit 22 subscribers on YouTube. I know, people usually celebrate when it hits 50 or 100 or some number like that, but I like 22 for a multitude of reasons ...

So I made this little sorta-animated video that I can't upload to NG due to copyright reasons but here's the YouTube!


If you like stuff like this, you can subscribe to my channel (www.youtube.com/user/dreamforecastmusic) to be notified whenever I upload a new video. I don't have much yet but I'm planning on making a lot more. :)

Thanks! xD

Hey guys, I'm finally done with the new song! It's about ... Well, that's up to you, as always.

It's a bit different from what I'm used to -- after all, it's a collaboration! With Kazaki (https://soundcloud.com/kazaki03). She's cool, yo.

Have a fantabulous day! :'D